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This site is only a help site for the private server of SlashScape™️. We, mod jad, Zgs Rulez, and Mod Peanut, take no credits for the making of SlashScape™️ nor its forums. The server and official forums of SlashScape™️ are owned and coded by Mod Dave. Remember have fun with it!


 A few more codes!

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mod jad

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A few more codes! Empty
PostSubject: A few more codes!   A few more codes! Icon_minitimeSun Apr 19, 2009 6:26 pm

me again lol!

9069/9072- 3rd Age Armour

3481-Gilded platebody

3482-Gilded platebody

3483-Gilded platelegs

3484-Gilded platelegs

3485-Gilded plateskirt

3486-Gilded full helm

3487-Gilded full helm

3488-Gilded kiteshield

3489-Gilded kiteshield

3677-Gilded plateskirt
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A few more codes!
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