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This site is only a help site for the private server of SlashScape™️. We, mod jad, Zgs Rulez, and Mod Peanut, take no credits for the making of SlashScape™️ nor its forums. The server and official forums of SlashScape™️ are owned and coded by Mod Dave. Remember have fun with it!

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 Alot of item codes!

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king pwn

PostSubject: dis game changed so fucking much after not logging in since 2007 o.o   Sat Feb 12, 2011 1:55 am

its sucs now
Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: nice   Sun Jul 04, 2010 3:24 pm

but how do u get all this stuff do u just say it in the game or something else please need help and also are all these stuff memebers?
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mod jad

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PostSubject: Alot of item codes!   Sun Apr 19, 2009 6:21 pm

Heres some codes guys, i hope these will help all of you members and staff get what you diserve lol!

Dragon bones=536

Dragon bones(noted)=537

Dragon med helm=1149

Dragon med helm(noted)=1150

Dragon sq shield=1187

Dragon sq shield(noted)=1188

Dragon dagger=1215

Dragon dagger(noted)=1216

Dragon dagger(p)=1231

Dragon dagger(p)(noted)=1232

Dragon spear=1249

Dragon spear(noted)=1250

Dragon spear(p)=1263

Dragon spear(p)(noted)=1264

Dragon longsword=1305

Dragon longsword(noted)=1306

Dragon Battleaxe=1377

Dragon Battleaxe(noted)=1378

Dragon Mace=1434

Dragon Mace(noted)=1435

Anti-dragon shield=1540

Anti-dragon shield(noted)=1541

554-Fire rune

555-Water rune

556-Air rune

557-Earth rune

558-Mind rune

559-Body rune

560-Death rune

561-Nature rune

562-Chaos rune

563-Law rune

564-Cosmic rune

565-Blood rune

566-Soul rune

15348-Bandos Tassets

15349- Bandos Boots

15350-- Bandos Platebody
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PostSubject: Re: Alot of item codes!   

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Alot of item codes!
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